Dick Dale Announces Fall US Tour



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Dick dales friend Lisa Rodriguez stole 30,000 from me. She said that Dick had a contract with her to redo his website. Dick said he did not and only threatened me to stay away from him. If he did not why wouldn't he prosecute her for using his name? How could he turn his back on us(my sons and I) after we were duped by his friend who was (fraudulently he claims)using his name to take money from people?? We went homeless over this(because there apparently was no financial return no new Dick Dale website) He lives comfortably while my sons and I slowly try to recover. It was a horrible ordeal for us. Why wouldn't he stop his friend from doing this and humbly apologize to the victims? Dick Dale was so cold. He only warned me not to contact him anymore. It is illegal for someone to use another s identity and/or name. Why would he not bring charges on her..or even help us (not really financially but moral support or something)to get our money back from her?? In my opinion he is a cold and greedy person.How could he let children live on the streets? HE IS A PARENT HIMSELF! In my opinion to say this is the truth not abuse.


57 Stratman

Damn it Dick! Why can't you come to upstate NY?? Buffalo, Syracuse or Rochester would be great!!

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