Did an Errant Tweet Give Away Guns N' Roses Plans for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?



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How I would know there is a just, righteous God.

Slash impales Axl with his Gibson Les Paul at the podium.

If that happens, then I am a Bible thumper from then on...



before todd rundgren? are you kidding me? WHY? for what? the songwriting was moronic & amateurish, the playing was/IS average, what exactly IS the reason they should be inducted into the rrhf? they're not even worthy of cleaning out todd's trash bins! this is a sad joke...


Jason Hillenburg

You can bet your house, your car, and even your kids that there's machinations going on behind the scenes to try to prod Axl into touring with these guys again. I don't want to see it and, secondly, I hope Axl embarrasses the Hall with some public tirade or bad behavior. Couldn't happen to a nicer organization.

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