Did Paul McCartney Actually Die in 1966?



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Clearly, a replacement "Paul" is simply not going to be as talented as the real Paul, nor go on his own tours later. It would be all they could do to keep him in the shadows a bit and off the stage by himself. This premium wp to be a wacky documentary. I'm also interested in seeing it just for comedic value



If it is true....the FAKE Paul is one lucky guy!!! I wish I looked like someone who was wealthy!



how stupid that people can come up with rediculous garbage like this. Paul must be laughing his ass off about this



What a bunch of crap! Anyone that would buy into this has to has have manure for brains. In 1968 The Beatles lived under a microscope, every move, every stop, everything they did was recorded, logged, reported, filmed. A fender-bender would have been headline news. No, this is just a cheap excuse by some wanker that wants to rip off your money.



I can make a guitar SPEAK! If I could be a fisherman I would, but can't because I'm a f@$%$# genius! I was the walrus, Paul wasn't the walrus! I was just saying that to be nice, but I was actually the walrus! Have heard the rubbish he's been singing? Eastman was a middle class pig! I won't let f$#%^& animals like that near me! Yoko is the supreme intellectual! I'll tell you why no one likes her music: Because she's a woman and she's oriental, that's why! Where are you mother? They're trying to crucify me! Genius is pain....



how the heck can they replace paul? this is just another stupid conspiracy film



Give me a break!



Maybe Paul was abducted by aliens? And, of course, it's easy to find a Paul replacement who can sing and play and write music like the real thing. Geniuses like that are everywhere aren't they?



George Harrison killed Natalie Holloway, who was actually the love child of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

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