DigiTech Introduces Element XP and Element Guitar Multi-Effect Pedals



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Well welcome to 2014 Justanoldhippie, the times of the hippy times are gone long ago, example I visted Majorca and asked whre the hippies were, the man said they are all gone to venus oe mars...
Let's stick to the subject, I got a RP55, then a RP 90, and now hopefully when it arrives here the Element XP, if you are doing gigs all the time, you must invite all the help you can get, even from China man, where all the stuff is now made even Fenders, Gibsons, the lot.
So it ain't no use and sit to shout it's a crying shame....
myself from last century '41 precise, so I know I was there before you. I experienced it all, man...



Let me guess, DigiTech will roll it out while proudly proclaiming the product's initial MADE IN USA magnificence, then like the rest of their junk they will quietly outsource it while conveniently "forgetting" to delete the MADE IN USA advertising. It's branded by DigiTech, so expect more Chinese garbage in an already crap flooded music market. DigiTech is everything that is wrong about the music industry.

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