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Dimebag Darrell: Dime’s Dozen

Dimebag Darrell: Dime’s Dozen


“Children of the Sea”

Black Sabbath

Heaven and Hell (1980)


“We used to play that song live. The acoustic intro has some great dynamics, and then Tony kicks in with this simple but hard riff, kind of like ‘Smoke on the Water.’ Iommi had a monstrous guitar sound on that album. And he had that skidding vibrato technique that was so quick and killer. He hardly ever does a slow vibrato. He started all that detuning stuff, which I really learned from him. He’s such a solid, chunky player, and concentrated so much on rhythm rather than lead—and that’s something that I apply to my playing.”


“At Dawn They Sleep”


Hell Awaits (1985)


“Those guys have a real unorthodox style of playing—it’s totally not normal. [laughs] They have unbelievable rhythm chops. Their songs taught me how to play with guts and aggression. The half-time feel on ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ is really cool, too. I like how they just start and stop out of nowhere, using no time to build up or wind down. They never give you a chance to get into a song: as soon as it starts, they’re battering you over the head, hard and fast.”



ZZ Top

Fandango! (1975)


“I’m not a super blues player, but I was exposed to the Texas blues sound while I was growing up, and that definitely rubbed off on me. To me, blues is more of a feel and a vibe, rather than sitting there and saying, ‘Well, I’m gonna play bluesy now.’ And Billy definitely plays with feeling on ‘Tush.’ My favorite thing about it is where he lets that one note ring out until it dies off, then gets that rattling noise on the frets. A lot of the little things I do came from listening to Billy.”


The Doors: The Doors of Perception