Doug Aldrich Shreds His Ass Off with Dio — Video



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Ever notice that bands like this and guitarist as well, that about 95% of their audience is male? Where's all the girls?
Doug Aldrich is a great player no doubt. I always found it intresting how he plays with his thumb behing the neck kinda like a classical player. Can't remember seeing any other rock guitarist that plays that way.
I guess most guys love this stuff but most women don't. You hardly ever see any women at these kind of shows. It must suck to have to play to a bunch of dudes every night.
I like what Santana once said
" I play for the women".



Ya it must suck to be Doug Aldrich and have to tear it up in front of an appreciative crowd. As for where all the girls are, they are listening to Taylor Swift, watching the Batchlerotte, and getting their nails done. This is a guy thing, ever drink a beer or go fishing?



I really like his guitar sound. He definitely has a one of a kind fingering technique. He's great, and fun to listen to. Thanks!



He's an awesome player no doubt, but I got bored quickly.






I was diagnosed as a kid with ADHD, however, as an adult my attention span is very patient. Doug has great skill like I said, but guitar players I generally look up to are unique in their own ways, surely Doug is unique too, but his guitar playing sounded like it has been done before, I saw nothing special in this performance. It was almost like watching Zakk Wylde, Its cool, but loses its luster rather quick. I may be harsh, but as a fan, I'm for less guitarist playing "solo solos" at concerts, your time to shine is with the rest of the group. Besides, what was probably cool in the 80's probably isn't relevant in the concert world anymore unless you're a newbie. Even as much as I love the 80's I would rather just hear the tunes. Very few artists have blown me away with their "solo solos". Phil Collen being one of them, he was phenomenal in the 1988 concert "In the round, In your face". But like I said, that was then, this is now.

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