DragonForce Announce Spring U.S. Tour



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I respect that dragonforce has talent and i'll never be that good but There things sound alike



They're a solid band full of talent. So what if guitar hero has helped them sell a few records, I'd like to see people who bash them b/c of it play some of their licks.



I like this band. I think they are really good. I understand that people don't like them, I just don't get why every time Dragonforce is mentioned, there are so many people that need to say that they hate them. Before anyone asks, no I didn't hear about them because of Guitar Hero. I saw them on their last tour and I thought the show was great. They did make some mistakes, but then again, what band doesn't mess up a few times live? I don't like certain bands, but I don't go around saying that they suck unless somebody asks what I think of them.



hellro my name is Herman Wii and I am going to show you a A major 7 sweep! pathetic!
these guys are guitar hero's?

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