Drummer Dave Lombardo Fired from Slayer for Upcoming Tour



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No idea who Jon Dette is, and I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of Testament. Looks like he played on Demonic....which was not a good Testament album.

Its gotta be hard to fill the shoes of a musician in bands like this. When they have an established fan base, been together forever, I would be intimidated as hell if I were this guy and trying to replace Lombardo. Fans don't want to see their favorite band with someone else doing the work. Testament wasn't the same when Skolnick left, and it sucked seeing someone else playing lead. Thank everything that is good he and Christian came back.

Good luck to Dette in Slayer....stay the hell away from Testament though.



Well read statement from Dave here. And I agree with razorrex, I've seen interviews with Kerry and he just acts like a pompous person. The same kind of person that would rob a fellow band mate out of just funds.



WTF !!!! Getting stiffed and then fired for wondering where the money went. I think the financial business of the band should be more open to all the band members. There must be something funny going on with how the money is split up. You don't just fire one of metal's best drummers for having a conversation about finances. If 90% of the profits are going to management, the band really needs to fire them and find someone else to do it. Due to his unwillingness to discuss the situation, Kerry seems like he is somehow involved in the money shell game.


It's gonna come out that Kerry King is in contract as a "Key Member" and receives most of the royalties.

Slayer is in some serious trouble. And Jon Dette as replacement? Please.

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