Guitar Lust: The Story of Duane Allman's Long-Lost 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop



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I love articles like this.

I just wish the GW published magazine would dedicate a column on the guitars used by our heroes. Including photos, technical specs and things that the guitarist or techs may have done to mod it out.



Great story. It's nice to know Duane's guitar is back in the hands of those who will display it properly. I just saw where Derek Trucks used that guitar to play Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad with Eric Clapton at the 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival. That's very cool!

One slight inaccuracy with the story: Duane and Gregg's hometown is not Daytona, FL. They did live there but they were both born in Nashville, TN.






Very informative blog post.Much thanks!



A buddy of mine was fortunate to play that guitar a couple of months ago. He said that it was understood that any pics taken were not to be on the net and for the most part kept on the down low. He is a hell of a player and knows the right people I guess. I would have loved to be in that room. custom writing paper



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I would like to invite you guys into my world of maniac guitars. From my Joe Davis Band a, southern heavy metal and swamp rock machine. To the infamous Skydog Woody Project which featured Duane Allmans 1957 guitar, and Allen Woodys 76 bass. We made this album with alot of love and respect where these instruments came from. The Joe Davis Band . com has videos and my albums. Please feel free to check out my site.. ..I am just a strugglin hard working musician, I just love the sounds of guitars my entire life. Guitar World so rocks for letting me have my 15 minutes of fame.

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