Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks



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i love these picks! i bought a few of these picks 6 months ago, just to try them. i've tried alot of different picks. like, half an ice cream pail full of assorted picks. for me, these are the best picks ever. the sound and feel are just incredible. the stiff feel ploughs through the strings for awesome acoustic strumming, ringing out harmonics i didnt know my guitar had. the perfectly formed tip plays electric like a hot knife through butter. and as for durability, my local store didnt seem to want to stock or order these any longer, so i ended up using the last 2 picks for 3 months. gigging 3 nights a week, my biggest fear was to lose one. or both. that is until my 72 count refill bag arrived in the mail. comparing a fresh one to a used and abused one, not much difference. and the logo stays on good too!



Thanks for the info on a pick that seems to be a good choice for those who prefer a full-size pick with a sharp point. I choke up on my pick quite a bit, so a full-size pick has too much wasted surface area for me, however, I also found the Jazz III to be too small. For me, the perfect compromise was the Jazz III XL. I wrote an article explaining why I made this choice.

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