Ear Training and Becoming a Sound Magician, Part 1: Pitch



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Stephen Quinn

This is a good article for anyone looking to start ear-training in relation to guitar playing. You could potentially develop it into a series and work towards more challenging subjects such as learning guitar solos/licks etc. Keep it up!



I definitely will get back to the subject of ear training in more challenging subjects later on. The next one coming (aka Ear Training Part Deux) actually focuses on rhythm. Then it'll be a break from ear training for a little while, but I'd love to develop a series, thanks for the idea and support!



Ahh, forgive me, but the point of this article is that learning to identify the chord structure is the best way to develop better pitch so you can identify chord structure. So we should try to learn the chord structure in some songs. Gee whiz, thanks.

Somewhat analogous to my suggestion... if you want to learn to play the guitar better... play the guitar!

Thanks for the effort, but the bleedin' obvious we understand... : )

Sorry Elliott, buddy, not perhaps your best effort...



Hey hughami, thanks for reading! The thing I'd take away from this blog is creating setlists that are challenging for yourself. It's always fun to run a challenging set at the end of your practice session, and see that practice pay off! Anyway, this specific blog came more from my lessons with beginners, and as you're more experienced it may not apply to you. I'll make sure to make the later ones a bit more challenging!



Why don't you ask for your money back then?

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