Ear Training, Part 2: Rhythm — and Bringing Soul to a Drum Machine



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Very interesting post, and great lesson. It's a shame that the importance of ear training often is underrated. If anyone is interested in training your ears further i can recommend Ear Master. It's a software that holds a lot of different excercises in all the different aspects of ear training. I actually work as a software supporter for them, but have been using it to train my ear for years before i started working. It's possible to use it without an instrument, but you can also use your guitar to answer in the lessons. You can always try out the trial, or just read more on www.earmaster.com.



Stephen Quinn

A very good and useful lesson. The 3 examples really help practicing guitarists to develop tight rhythm - by changing the starting and ending points. It's essential to develop rhythm and accuracy than focusing on speed alone.

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