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Prime Cuts: Eddie Van Halen Breaks Down 10 Van Halen Classics, from "Eruption" to "Right Now"

Prime Cuts: Eddie Van Halen Breaks Down 10 Van Halen Classics, from

“Dance the Night Away”
Van Halen II (1979)

“I had the basic riff and I played it for the guys before we went into the studio, and they didn’t like it. But then I played it for Ted and he really dug it, so we worked on it and put it together in the studio.

"The song was originally a little different, but we cut the fat off and said, ‘Let’s call it, “Dance the Night Away.” ’ I know it’s not a very original title, but we wanted to cash in on the dance craze that was happening at that time.

“The main thing I remember about the second album was that I was feeling a lot of pressure. We were in England touring in support of the first album, and for the first time in my life I called a meeting and said, ‘Goddammit, we have another album to do. Let’s start getting together after shows or whenever we have time on the road and I’ll show you what I’ve got.’

"I was really starting to worry. We weren’t really working on any new material, and I was afraid if we didn’t have enough strong songs our second album would flop.

“We recorded Van Halen II the same way we recorded the first one. We just set everything up in a big room and recorded. I was really happy with the way it turned out. It sounds like Van Halen, but fuller.”


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