Eddie Van Halen Unveils Sneaker Line



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i'd get those... and a set of Nike's Appetite shoes to go with'em



i looked o the website, and the shoes only come in men's sizes..




Thats true we need new tunes and concerts!

but the shoes are cool too..



Rhythmpimp- that was very well done and said.



I'm certainly not against marketing products that are obviously in demand by a large loyal fan base but...
IT's ABOUT TIME that EVH quit trying to squeeze every penny out of VH fans without actually offering anything new musically. I mean RIGHT NOW he could be working on a new record instead of spewing forth an ERUPTION of overpriced EVH labled merch that costs a pile of BIG FAT MONEY. I mean Ed, YOU REALLY GOT ME wondering if a new VH album is only in my DREAMS. It's not like YOU'RE NO GOOD at playin your LITTLE GUITARS. So stop giving us the RUNAROUND with the merchandising so that all of us VH fans can DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY to a new record. The SUMMER NIGHTS just aren't the same without some new VH music to GET UP and dance to. It's NOT ENOUGH to just put out new merchandise you need to SHOW YOUR LOVE and give us some new music cause EVERYBODY WANTS SOME. And I want some too

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