Ed's Shed: How to Adjust Your Guitar's Truss Rod



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Hey Ed, quick question for you. I've got a 7 string guitar and it's a wonderful piece of guitar craftsmenship save for one issue that has been plaguing it.

Strings 2 thru 7 are fine and play great as is, but the first string (high e) has been experiencing issues. Mild amounts of fret buzz on frets 1 thru 14, and then anything past the 15th fret sounds a half step higher than concert pitch (ie - 24th fret sounds like an F rather than an E).

Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Please contact me at your earliest convenience!



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Good write up. Here are a couple more truss rod adjusting tips:

1) When adjusting the rod on an older guitar always loosen the nut first (even if you ultimately want to tighten the rod). The rod could be maxed or it could just need wake up (if it hasn't been touched for years). Either way you're better off.

2) Even if the action/relief stays perfect on your guitar you should adjust the nut a little (back and forth) every year or two so that the nut maintains good glide on the rod. Sticky truss nuts are a drag.


Cascade Guitar Lab, Seattle

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