Ed's Shed: Some Crazy Stories from My Repair-Shop Days



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Amazing this article is dated 9/11/2012 but reader's posts date back to June 10, 2011.

They deleted my prior post mentioning this is a repeat from the magazine awhile back. Thanks... (for deleting me)



LOL - please give us more stories. The guy who were about to fry his daughter is priceless ! my god he was lucky..


Lord Talon

That is just insane.......The last story just scared the hell outta me!



Damn, there are some really stupid people out there.



Ed's Shed: Some Crazy Stories from My Repair Shop Days




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57 Stratman

And then there is the other end of the spectrum, where you take a guitar to a shop that has a so-called Luthier and ask him to perform a string change with a complete set-up, and instead of adjusting the nut and bridge properly, he just over adjusts the truss rod and puts a hell of a bow in the neck! The same asshole adjusted the trussrod on one of my strats, and stripped the allen head at the neck end, then had the gall to tell me it was that way when I brought it in. I finally gave up and learned to do the set-up on all my guitars, so I know it's done right. It does take a one time investment in certain tools, but they pay for themselves.



I had a little old lady bring in a 1930's National Dobro (wood with the rounded neck). Her father bought it for her as a child. She wanted it tuned (because she never learned how to tune it) and have a broken string replaced. The five remaining strings were original. 85 year old guitar strings! The high E broke sometime in the 60's. When I asked her about the history she said, "My dad bought this for me, I played it a few times but never really learned any songs. Two of my grand kids got it out and scratched up the back on the floor. But I can't play it now, my arms won't go out far enough. One of the kids thinks he wants to play it, that's why I want it tuned up for him." I put new strings on it, tuned to an open G and she waddled out of the shop with it... One of the finest guitars I've ever seen and I'd bet anything it went back to her basement.


That wall socket story is scary!


I had a bass player (that played guitar too) bring in his Vox wah pedal to practice to have the other guitar player fix it for him. We called him MacGyver because he could fix anything. This was a very old and classic Vox wah. The bass player said it worked for a while and then just stopped working. That was years before this happened. (And this story is 20 years old)
MacGyver opens it up and it is just nasty and corroded inside because the battery had literaly exploded. He cleaned it up and the bass player said "I don't want to have worry about changing the battery, you can keep it." It worked like a charm once it had a working battery in it and was cleaned up. Duh.



I just can't believe that B`s true man ,

but great stories,



hahaha, great stories. im an electrician, and come around "weird" stuff in my field all the time during service calls.



I've lived it too, working in a music store and dealing with the truly strange. Thanks for a great read!



Ya just can't make this up! Reality is stranger than fiction! Write a book! I'd buy it!
Ron Zabrocki



lolll ... I'll buy it too.

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