Epiphone Announces Tommy Thayer Signature "Spaceman" Les Paul



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Van Hagar 5150

Whoever at Epiphone who decided this $cab deserves a signature guitar is an idiot of epic proportions.

Tommy Thayer's role in this joke is to impersonate Ace Frehley and lick Gene and Paul's rear ends. No one would even know who Thayer is.

The Ace Frehley model is the highest selling Gibson and Epiphone guitars, so you slap Ace in the face by giving his replacement a signature guitar?

You're giving replacement players a signature guitar for pretending to be someone else?



Which of the four Kiss solo albums was the best, far beyond the rest? Says it all, don't it.



"one of it's most anticipated new models" Gimmee a break. Did anybody even know this was coming out. Anybody at all. Maybe Thayer's wife and his mother. Not as anticipated as the Ace Frehley Bukokan guitar I would think.


I think that Ace should be able to sue this guy somehow. Like mak101 said, "There's only one Space Man and Tommy ain't it".



I would imagine that Stanley and Simmons had Ace sign over the rights to the Spaceman character. Hopefully they didn't screw him out of his record royalties. Probably tried.



There's only one Spaceman and that ain't him.

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