Eric Clapton Booed by Fans After Scotland Show Is Cut Short



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I saw old "Slow Hand" about 6 years ago and his demeanor and stage personality was as if he had his watch set for 1:35 and couldn't get off the stage fast enough. Not engaging, no conversation with the crowd, antidotes, nothing. His backing guitarists even played some of the signature solos. Compare that to The Boss, Sir Paul or even the Stones and they all put on a quality show 2-3hrs in length.

I will admit I never was a fan. Always thought he was terribly overrated. He got his rep because he was the first white dude in England to really play the black blues in the 60's and played with the Blues legends of that era while we back in America were more worried about keeping blacks out of our white schools and bathrooms. And our homegrown true guitar god Hendrix had to move to England to get the respect and recognition he deserved in a country less divided by race.

So as a blues guitarist and musician for 35 years myself I'd say there's not much he does that your average 16 year old today can play on guitar and probably the 16 year old of today can play quite a bit more.

Just like the dinosaurs its time to put a fork in him cause he done and not relevant anymore.



Can't think of a better song NOT to play! Who in the world wants to hear anybody ~even Clapton~ play that hoary old chestnut?

Oh, I guess somebody in Scotland does. Well, there ya are, mate.



Got to agree with you mooseboy. When I saw they were pissed because he didn't finish "Cocaine" I thought "Who cares?" But there are a lot of people to whom that is his main song. I'm from West Texas and there was a time around 25-30 years ago that the only bars out here were C&W bars and went to a few and at that time it was expected of every country bar band that in between the usual stupid country songs they had to do "Cocaine" and every time the word cocaine was in the song everybody in the bar would stop dancing and yell out COCAINE!! as loud as they could. Kind of a country bar thing at the time, like line dancing. Anyway, I think Clapton is as obligated to do it as those country bands were. He probably hates it as much as you and I do.

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