Eric Clapton Hints at Retirement, Calls Touring "Unbearable"



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I know what Eric is saying, what he is trying to say is that a true musician plays and makes music not for money ,fame, its something you have to do ! ITs something that you, have to get out and once you do, UNDERSTAND THIS - a true musician will play until the day he/she dies ! there's no other way to explain this, you will create and play music for the enjoyment of self, and of others until you die. That's why he mentioned Texas, a small blues club where he could perform once a week, like LES PAUL did. The early musicians were wandering minstrel's, dirt poor, and would audition for the King in hope of a steady gig, and if the King got tired of the minstrel he would kick them out or worse. A true musician is always creating music in their mind.



Clapton has been a travelling, professional musician for over 50 years now. That's a long time, and I can understand why he would want to retire.

However, I'm getting very tired of musicians complaining about losing money recording, touring etc. I understand their problems. I really do.

But I'm just tired of hearing about it. Be grateful for what you have, and go off quietly into the sunset.

And please don't milk a retirement tour thing. That would just be cheesy.

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