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Eric Johnson

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Eric Johnson Announces January Tour

Guitar great Eric Johnson has announced a run of shows in the U.S. that kicks off tonight in Foxborough, Masschusetts. The tour comes in support of his latest album, Up Close, which was released back in 2010. ... …

Lick of the Day: Eric Johnson-Inspired Melodic Climb

This is an Eric Johnson-inspired melodic climb in the key of E. It's based on a six-note sequence that I transpose to different tonal centers as I move up and across the neck. The first part of the lick, up until the legato ending, is all alternate picked with palm muting. ... …

An 'Up Close' Gear Tour with Eric Johnson in Minneapolis

Ah, the quest for tone. I imagine that sooner or later, every musician desires to possess a sound that flows with the sweet feeling of inspiration. The quest might be as simple as finding an axe that feels right to your hands. Oftentimes, the process is a long, slow love affair, constantly expanding, contracting and evolving. Eric Johnson is a long-tenured seeker who has certainly reaped... …