Essential Blues Basics: Soloing with the Combined Minor/Major Pentatonic Scales



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Great lesson Steve !! I've been trying to incorporate the blending of major and minor pentatonic scales for awhile. This lesson helped me see it in a different light. Thanks again, Steve



No, No, No, that isn't the blues. You don't combine major and minor pentatonic scales. You hit blue notes, that is you bend to notes that are not on either scale, basically a flatted 3rd, which is in between the minor 3rd and the major 3rd and the flatted 5th which is in between the 5th and the flat 5th. Often times these lessons speak of a "blues" scale which has both the 5th and the flat 5th, this is incorrect, the 5th is flatted, and there are really about three of them, when you get down to the microtonal nutcutting. Of course, there are minor blues songs, where you just hit the minor 3rd and usually throw in a 2nd now and then. When you play in major pentatonic you're playing country, not blues.



Tell that to Eric Clapton, or Freddy King, or Dickey Betts. One scale does not dictate an entire genre.



Steve, every time I watch one of your lessons, I start out thinking, "Oh this is a waste of time for me since I know all of this stuff", and I end up thinking, "Man, I am really glad that I watched this since it gave me a different slant on it."

I've been playing for fifty years now, and it just goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.




I think you might have a misprint on your minor pentatonic position #2. Shouldn't the 8th fret e flat actually be a 9th fret e?



i think it's a new Obama healthcare



Very tasty steve. I've been playing a long time and I found this video very helpful. new ideas or even just a refresher on mixing major and minor pentatonic is so important. I wish there were more videos like this. Very well done. I will be checking out more of your work.



getting free help is awesome I practice everything that I can get!. it's great that great player's take the time to help that's the coolest part of the whole journey with playing thanks to all



What the h*ll is the Mollom privacy policy? Anyway, whatever it is I accept.

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