EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar



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Eddie’s striped Charvel, and Eddie’s long-time associate Matt Bruck had just one goal when designing this Wolfgang: to build Eddie his dream guitar. Almost every part was custom made to his specifications, The back/posterior under surface of the Floyd rests on the routed shelf of the trem cavity on the guitar body to create a tremolo block for the D-Tuna.ralph lauren outlet,cheap soccer cleats,abercrombie hoodies,new era cap,ladies sunglasses,polo t shirts 2011,wholesale shoes



I bought this guitar used with the flame maple top. It does have one major flaw in the ability to set up the guitar.

You are limited in how low you can set the action because the back of the tremolo cavity is routed too shallow. The back/posterior under surface of the Floyd rests on the routed shelf of the trem cavity on the guitar body to create a tremolo block for the D-Tuna. This not only limits how far you can lower the posts on tremolo and therefore the action but both the high and low E string sides of the tremolo have to set down at the same time on the routed shelf of the guitar body trem cavity. If that doesn’t happen, the knife edge on the side of the tremolo post which is set lower will be forced out of the grove in the post. When you have the trem posts set properly where the back side of the tremolo sets down evenly on the body, the action is about 1/32 to 3/64 of an inch higher on the treble or high E string than the low E string, just the opposite of what you would want!

To correct this you have to evenly lower the screws down on the trem posts to get the action as low as possible on the high E string, which was still too high for me at 1/16 of an inch with the low E string basically touching the frets at this point. You then need to install multiple saddle spacers for the fourth, fifth and sixth string saddles to raise the action on the bass side. What a pain in the butt this whole process was.

My advice, buy a cheaper Peavey HP special carved top USA model which is a very similar guitar in sound and style and easy to set up, unless you just want to be supportive of Fender and EVH.


I must say that small ferts do suck especially when u got big hands,Eddie must have small girly hands.
I have one of the first editions,EVH wolfgang specials from Peavey cost me 500 ducketts and I love it but, I hate it cause its got small frets or should I say that the neck is small (thins out)as you get close to the nut and makes it hard to chord. :)
I would love to buy this Wolfgang but, Man!!Where the hell am I going to get 3 grand to buy a guitar made by Eddie.Make it around $800,might sell alot more.
If I want to pay that much for a guitar I'd get a Cavin guitar,make it the way I want it,then it be worth a grand or so.
Should make it affordable and offer it also in the frankenstine model and not made in China when it comes cheaper.
My bottom line: Way way to expensive and limited styles

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