Ex-KISS Guitarist Mark St. John Dead at 51



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I just wanted to apologize for the occasional mispelling caused by my Verizon "smartphone" that's Not so Smart, & correct the spelling of my respected former 20/20 journalist Geraldo Rivera, who I attribute having learned many of my jounalistic skills from since his early days to now. Once again, thankyou Mark St. John for an unforgettable insight into your life and KISS. Sincerely, Michael Jordan - Las Vegas



I've been a celebrity singer singer, musician, actor, & originally Radio/TV Broadcaster since I was 17 originally from Columbus, Ga area. I grew up on Every form of music beginning with Classical progressing to Early Rock & Roll to Classic Rock, & Jazz & R & B. I had become KISS fan around 1979 long before my fame in music/media, & still remember making several attempts to see KISS in the early '80s like "Detroit Rock.City" before finally seeing them on "Hot in the Shade" tour in which Gene Simmons was arrested in Columbus, Ga for in 1990, which was an unfortunate knee jerk reaction to a previous lude Concert by the Beastie Boys, which left an unfavorable memory for KISS & many of their fans who felt it unjustified. As we all.know KISS certainly had a Very high respect for one of 1st true Rockers, just as controversial in his day as KISS in theirs, Elvis Presley with his highly sex charged moves & lyrics, making way for KISS 18 years later! That is where I ultimately found my ultimate biggest notorioty, but like Elvis, still loved the Over the Top, Spectacular showmanship of KISS! 10 years ago I had the pleasure after having seen KISS many times by then up close & personal, met Mark St. John & Bruce Kulick talking extensively to both. I ended up spending the whole day with Mark St. John @ the Atlanta Hilton talking @ his table, then walking around the Convention for hours as he sought out his own rare memorabilia to purchase (sadly), & later hanging out for hours up in his Hilton suite casually eating Pizza with me & my GF. He agreed since I was still a freelance reporter having worked for an ABC & FOX affiliate, to do a candid, open, no holds barred video interview, in which as a fan of Journalists Geraldo Rivers, & co workers who ended up on CNN & 20/20, asked very extensive questions in probably the longest & thorough interview he ever gave revealing never before heard stories & details of his experience as a member of KISS & his close friendship & experiences with Peter Criss (Original KISS drummer). He went through the explanation of how Paul Stanley came up with name for him, the apparently revised guidelines Gene & Paul had for it's newer members since the departure of Vinnie Vincent, his extensive role & input on My favorite non-makeup Album Ever...Animalize, his tragic discovery of his arthritic condition that socked him just when things were blasting off for him with "Animalize" featuring of course "Heavens on Fire" amongst other gems. He discussed openly & with total candor his relationships with all the rest of the members of KISS & his life subsequent to KISS when he teamed up awhile with Peter Criss. After nearly 2hrs of the Video rolling, we continued to talk as tho we had been Best friends & all 3 of us ate Pizza & watched TV up in his Hilton suite. What struck me 1st was his height when we met, which he told me he had been the tallest member of KISS ever, & I didn't doubt it. 2nd was his Nonegotistical persona which was refreshing, which I've had to deal with daily since I became an Entertainer dealing with Musicians, Broadcasters, & star actors I've worked with (I'll leave out those names just out of kindness). Mark St. John was one of those truely rare down to earth Performers who forever left a mark on my memory. As we left that day, he gave me his personal phone number & told me to stay in touch & see him anytime in L.A. I unfortunately had my own personal family traumas afterward & NEVER release this interview, now becoming the "Lost Interview". I have it, but remains unlabeled amongst tons of digital videos. On this 4 th Anniversary month of Mark St. John's death, I remember sadly feeling the urgency to call him just prior to his brain hemorrhage, which my older sister Bambi had died of just 1 year earlier in Tennessee. I've always been psychic & had the same sense or urgency before my sister died. I couldn't find Mark's phone #, & someone I asked who said they had it gave me the wrong #. I just want to say to All the fans of KISS' Mark St. John, & to his family, that as a fellow Entertainer thought Very highly of him, & thought he was a Very talented guitarist & truly wholesome person. I have had my share of close calls to death diverting me from apparently joining one of the other top Rock Bands of the '80s/early 90s. But with a little more effort these days I Rock on keeping the Rocking sounds of Yesteryear Alive. If Mark St. John can hear this, you'll Always be remembered fondly by me & your fans worldwide. Look out someday for my riveting tell-all interview to hopefully be shared from the vaults to All KISS fans worldwide, in Mark's words beyond the grave. Rest in peace Mark, we'll Never forget you. Sincerely, Michael Jordan - Las Vegas


I guess thats 2 former Kiss alumni to pass. First Eric Carr and then Mark. Both great talents. I guess Ace is doing the right thing by partying everyday and rockin' all night.



I just read today that Mark St.John who used to be in rock band Kiss passed away on April 5,2007.
I was in shock and I didn't know that Mark St.John passed away this past April 2007. May he rest in peace!!!!. He was a very talented guitarist and he will be missed by his family,friends & fans!!!!. God Bless!!!!.

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