Excerpt: Led Zeppelin Discuss Their 2007 Reunion Show



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No matter how you slice it, if you're a real fan or musician you'll want to not just listen to Zeppelin,but study them and learn from them.

I'm going to grab the book on Jimmy "Light And Shade" to learn how Brad Tolinski interviewed one of the guitar and production masters of real rock and roll, Jimmy Page.

I think even though Zeppelin won't go back out on the road more than likely, we should just know they created so much value for other musicians and gave the music industry something it can be proud of.

Great music that has stood the test of time from people who were real musicians and great people.

Thank you to Page, Plant, Bonham and JP Jones.



WTF!!! They couldn't come up with ONE new song? Pfft. What's up with that?! They're a bunch of total losers, they should be beaten about their heads with a potato in a cum-soaked tube sock. This release is pointless and stupid, there's no artistic value whatsoever.

(okay, it's pretty great)



This was the greatest rocknroll band in history, and they shall remain just that. As much as I want to hear new zeppelin songs, I don't think they should do it. Plant says he's not a rock n roll singer anymore, and he doesn't want to be one now. This new dvd rocks, and we'll leave it at that.



they need to make a new studio album.



This may be my most anticipated concert in years.....



They were, are and always will be the best!

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