Exclusive: Paul Rodgers Streaming New Song, "With Our Love"



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Perry Margouleff is my good buddy. Together, we produced the first GW Collector's Choice centerfolds with the eminent guitographer John Peden.

One of the memorable ones was of Roy Buchanan's Tele known as Nancy. More on this can be seen on my blog:

Doctor Noe's Gadget

I talked to Marty Scorsese for an article in the Hollywood Reporter … about choosing Roy Buchanan's rendition of "Sweet Dreams" for the soundtrack of "The Departed." Here is what he said:
" 'Sweet Dreams' is like a theme that goes through the picture. The downbeat in the beginning of the song, the way Buchanan plays it, is so melancholy and so powerful that I thought, here's a perfect place for it, at the end of this movie -- so I put it there."
There's a slice of the "Departed" footage (under the credits) on my video here:

Roy Buchanan Telly Talk Teaser #5a
Roy Buchanan Telly Talk Teaser #5a

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