Exclusive Song Premiere: Al Di Meola Covers The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby"



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...I like the previous comment...The Beatles were the best and Al Di Meola is a fine guitarist....however... I'm so sick of tribute bands...The music industry needs to move forward and support new music instead of trying to capitalize on the past!



Very nice, though a little heavy on the trills. Just my 2 cents.



Al's approach to the Beatles is different & refreshing. I appreciate the melodic flow & the clarity of his tone. Many that take the time to listen to it will find something they like, something they appreciate. If we give up putting our own spin on classic songs, Jimi Hendrix should never have done the 'Star Spangled Banner' because it had been played at every baseball & football game. Willie Nelson's album 'Stardust' is his tribute to classic songs that had been played beyond numerous times by hundreds of artists. These covers are an expression of the artist's imagination & soul. If you don't like Al's effort, move on to the next song.



As much as I love Al Di Meola (and of course The Beatles), it's hard to get excited about a Beatles tribute album. Time to leave Beatles covers alone. It's been done a billion times already!

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