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Exclusive Song Premiere: Citadel — "Heartstrings"

Exclusive Song Premiere: Citadel —

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Heartstrings," a new track by Citadel. The song is from Citadel's new self-titled EP, which will be released May 7.

Needing a creative outlet, Justin Chapman — a Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and founder of FeedbackLoop (a music subscription startup) — formed Citadel as a collaborative effort between several of Philadelphia’s best singers and songwriters.

Citadel’s self-titled EP blends live instruments, homemade synthesizers and electronic elements into a dark, heavy blend of indie-infused pop. Featuring Lucy Stone, Will Lindsay and Geoff Vanover, the EP includes unique collaborations that will leave fans craving a full length.

“To me this EP (and the project as a whole) is an excuse to get together with the artists I work with as a producer, and take them out of context to write something that neither of us would have written on our own," Chapman says. "There's something to be said for liberating yourself of fan/artist/label expectations and just doing whatever you want. I think it helps keep us on our toes, and keeps our ears fresh. These first four songs also represent a pretty wild and transitional time in my life."

Track Listing:

01. Heartstrings
02. Stand Next To Me
03. Theta
04. Weight Of The World

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