Exotic Techniques: Eight-Finger Tapping



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You guys should have went to Bill Peck from Exit the Ride for the 8 finger tapping stuff. He is the master at that.



i mean what the fuck is that strand of cloth perfectly placed around his neck, so if he were to slightly have to jog somewhere or move quickly it would just fall off? When how you look becomes more important than how you feel and your comfortability then something is wrong. And who can seriously wear an affliction tradin conductors hat with a straight face, much less having eye liner on without even being on stage...everything about this guy screams douche and it makes me not even want to play guitar anymore. Good thing we have tasteul guitarists out there like adam jones, robert fripp, jimmy page, who focus primarily on the art and not looking like a douche.



is it just me or does this guy look more and more like a douche in every video?

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