Fastest Guitarist in the World? Phil Taylor Plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" at 1400 bpm



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....good golly is that fast.....
I bet he's using one of those little jazz picks to play that fast
I wonder how many energy drinks he had before playing this :)?



This guy is already waaaay behind the curve of guitar based acceleration...there's a video out on youtube of a guy "playing" said FotB at 4000BPM! Here's a text version of what it sounds like:

(bip)eeet! Thank you, thank you all, I couldn't have done it without the help of Vasoline on my finger joints and the lack of reality based judgement on the part of everybody listening...

For those who don't believe anyone whould even claim to do this, here's the link so you can "see" for yourselves:




If that was intended to be a joke, it was hilarious. The playing at 200 bpm sounded good...the 1400 bit sounded like Pip fartin on a snare drum.



This is getting to be a weekly wankfest! Play with taste and create your own sound. Playing like your taking a typing test is getting long in the tooth.Be original not another blur of the week



I'm guessing that not many people will understand that the last 1400 bpm section was intended to be a joke. Opinions and tempers will flare, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!



Here we have what comes out of the southern end of a north bound bull.



I don`t mean this as insulting, but there comes a point when speed becomes a circus trick. It`s an exhibition skill at that point, kind of like bench pressing 900 pounds. I can play FotB at tempo. Seeing it played at the 5-600bpm range was kind of made me wonder "hmm....*could* I work it up that fast..." (the answer is no LOL). But when I saw that guy play it at 1300 it was beyond the scope of what most of us could aspire to. Then this one at 1400. When I was at GIT we had a running joke that people that could play ultra fast had some kind of genetic disorder that allowed them to move that fast.



Your GIT comment reminds me of a Shawn Lane clinic (R.I.P.), where someone asked him how he played so fast, and he responded "I don't really know...I just kind of 'twitch'!"

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