Fender Adds Two Guitars, Two Basses to Pawn Shop Series



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Sourmash Guitars

That Pawn Shop ’70s Strat Deluxe is a rip off copy of Elijah Everheart's '51 JagCaster Custom (With the excepton of Fender using a Strat body, versus Everheart's choice of the Jag body)! Everheart took the control plate, bridge, and pots from a Fender Squier '51, a 1962 Fender Jaguar body, Vintage DiMarzio X-S at the neck, and DiMarzio X-2N Humbucker at the bridge, keeping the bridge a 'hardtail', and added a '61 Fender Strat neck. The bridge pickup has a coil split, activated by pulling out on the volume control knob, to switch between single-coil and humbucker configuration. The second control knob, which normally would operate as a tone control on a Telecaster or early Precision Bass, is a three-position pickup selector switch for choosing between the neck alone, combined neck/humbucker, or humbucker alone. It has a six-saddle hardtail top-loading bridge. Man, even Fender is copying other's ideas. Never seen that coming! Ha ha ha!



IMO, this new Pawn Shop Fender Bass VI (if you can even call it that) is a total disappointment. It's features have been rather dramatically reduced/downgraded from the real thing. Gone are the separate on/off switches for each pup - instead a cheap, less customizable blade assembly has been used. Gone is the strangle switch. Gone are the 3 single coil Jag pups which gave it that amazing sound. Gone are the great .095>.026 strings which gave it that classic bass response and tone. Instead, it comes with significantly lighter gauge strings - which greatly impacts tone. Not even sure it can accommodate the proper gauge strings as an option. The truss rod is not the stronger reinforced one found on other VIs. So, structurally may be an issue with thicker strings. And they might not fit in the stock tuning pegs/nut or bridge. Some of the first players to try one out have said it feels a bit flimsy (especially the floating trem) and the bass response was poor - particularly on the E string.

You might be much better off getting the 2012 Schecter Hellcat VI which is more true - IMO - to the classic Bass VI and is very reasonably priced for what you get (uses 3 Seymour Duncan SJAG-1 pups - which sound great btw) except it does not have a trem- which for me is kind of useless with thick strings anyway OR get the UltraCure Robert Smith VI also from Schecter OR get the new MIJ version of the Fender Bass VI - which is MUCH closer to the specs of the classic Bass VI - available from Japanese retailers and some US ones OR get a Burns Barracuda. Why couldn't they just do this right and produce a "real" Bass VI like the current MIJ model and made this stripped-down version the cheaper Squire version? What a missed opportunity. I'll pass.....YMMV

Some early user reviews and comments can be found here...https://www.facebook.com/groups/34542190945/

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