Fender American Standard Series Stratocaster and Telecaster



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Hey everybody!

I am a strat player for some years, I actually own a fender strat american std 60th fender anniversary. I had heard rumours about chambering body from the new american standar strats. Does anybody knows something about that?



A year ago I purchased the new standard Stratocaster, I went ahead and customized the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan TB-11 hummbucker for the Brown sound! I opted for the maple neck as I enjoy the brighter sound from it? I wanted a higher output bridge pickup not to say the original bridge pickup wasn't good but I wanted something better so I did the customization myself, talking about an incredible quality guitar, I don't think there's another guitar out there that can match the new style standard Stratocaster! I am into tapping harmonics which this guitar feels right at home with, the new bridge set up being a vintage on mine is incredible, I am a advanced player wanting something that will kick out solos, this guitar will do everything you can imagine and then some! You cannot go wrong with the standard strat every penny's worth with this guitar, alder body, maple neck is the perfect combination for me wanting to kick out some Van Halen tunes, I run this through a digittech RP 2000 effects processor, with a early 80s Yamaha stage amplifier, what a well-built guitar I don't have enough words to tell you how excellent this guitar is! It will kick out any style of music you so desire especially after my customization, what's so nice about this guitar is the bridge pickup is already opened up in the body of the guitar to be able to customize it for a hummbucker or double pickup application! There's no customizing the wood in the body it's already ready for it, every penny's worth and then some in this guitar! Sincerely Dennis, Colorado way!

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