Fender Custom Shop Unveils 2013 Custom Collection: Eight Guitars, Two Basses



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I agree w/ you on the price thing, but I think Fender is already building pretty reasonable Strats & Teles for less than $600. The Custom Shop models are for high-rollers -- like Harley motorcycles. For them, price is no object and Fender would be stupid not to take their money.

I'm also planning a custom guitar with Warmoth parts & I can't wait to see how it plays.

Rock on!



Prs and Prs CE best affordable guitar on the market.



Hi I need help in my guitar lessons, could you send me a tab on how to do guitar riffs that I can practice and which will make my fingers go faster and will help me play without looking at the guitar. :)
Thank you,
Please take a look at:



Those are all good looking axes but here's a thought : How about Fender actually make their stuff affordable? I will never and I mean never buy a new guitar with the name fender or Gibson in this economy and I don't know anyone else personally who will either. No working musician I know can afford the ridiculous price. Instead reintroducing or trying to think of new artist series guitars or how can we make a new guitar look old and charge the price of a used car,how about streamline the lineup and drop the price? I have made my last three guitars and I am no luthier but they play better then any fender I have played in store and I got to customize them to my taste . Each one cost me less then $400. This is just my two cents. And fender probably doesn't even care. They have enough to keep going as they are forever. Sad. I do like strats:(



So how much extra is it to get one that's all dinged up? Oh, excuse me, I mean "reliced". It sounds like something you tried to cure with Kwell and it didn't work . . .

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