Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di'Anno Posts Re-Worked Version of "Running Free"



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Guess I'm a little late on this one.. Just have to say that without this man and the first 2 Maiden albums so many things would be different. The attitude and raw energy coming from that period from them and a lot of the British New Wave kept things moving and paved the way for tons of bands. Maiden would be considered the Beatles of the crop.. I get the feeling a lot of people only think of Bruce Dickinson when they think about Maiden, but to me, D'anno offered something that very few have since - soul singing in metal music, and he should be put up there with the best. Maybe he didn't have the range of Dickinson and Halford, but the GUTS and feeling he put out gave almost a 'Rocky' vibe - he was the underdog and he sang his BALLS off. You listen to that stuff and you feel so energized, and feel like your'e really a part of it, like an your'e in an army or something. . That being said, it's a little sad that he's not singing the same, or capable of singing like that now. I'm sure he has to pay the bills..



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