Former Ten Years After Guitarist Alvin Lee Dead at 68



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A huge thanks to Guitar World for giving some honor to a great guitar player, Alvin Lee. I too always wondered why he didn't receive the praise that other guitar players received, who were no where close to his level. Since I'm 62 years old, I had the chance to see 10 Years After at a live performance. When I returned form Vietnam I was placed in a unit that was always doing things the world didn't know about. On one of these operations I found a pretty good stereo that would be no longer needed. As soon as I got back to our home base (Ft Bragg, NC, the first album I purchased was; A space in time. If you have never watched this man play, then get a hold of the Woodstock movie. He plays at lighting speeds, while holding down the lead vocals. Shame on those who never gave this guy the glory he deserved. No one could make an ES-335 sound the way he did, and I was front roll when I saw him live. One thing I can tell you about his playing live. There were never a display of pedals. Some how he could milk every sound needed out of his guitar and amp.



I played that unbelievable song Thank You Mr. Lee



Alvan Lee's songs inspired me and made me want to make our world a better place.

Thank you Alvan for all the great music.



I will play I'd love to change the world on my 12 string martin tonight and feel sad


I saw him in Texas in 1973, blazing fret work and great energy. I haven't seen this Going Home video for a long time, still an amazing display of guitar work, he's right up there with many of the blues and R&R greats. We lost another Icon.

Niklas Dabolins

Yesterday I happened to listen to "I woke up this morning" on my MP3-player, I played that song on guitar in the evening and then I went on the net only to find out that Alvin Lee had passed away. Scary or what! Alvin Lee was an influence for most guitarists around 1969-1975, for instance Angus Young.



R.I.P. Alvin. You are definitely one of the "GREAT ONES"!!!

I had the privilege of seeing you in concert in the summer of '69 at the "Texas International Pop Festival" (a.k.a. WOODSTOCK SOUTH.)It was 2 weeks after Woodstock at the lake outside of Dallas Texas on Labor Day Weekend. I seen all of the Great Ones there.

ROCK ON ALVIN!!! You'll always be missed.



Alvin was one of the best.As an old Woodstock fan,Ten Years After was one of the acts I liked most. R.I.P. Alvin



I just listened to "A Space In Time" in quad last night,and "Detroit Diesel" is in my car. I loved the guy. "Change The World" was one of the first songs I learned. R.I.P., my friend.



Another "GREAT ONE" gone,but never forgotten. He left his mark on the guitar world and is part of the soundtrack of my life. RIP Dude, you will be missed.


Alvin was on a very short list of the GREATEST guitar players from the 60's. His playing of I'm Going Home was one of the best moments from Woodstock. His playing has always inspired me to play better.



Alvin Lee was one of the all time great guitarist that never got the recognition that he deserved. He's always been one of my favorites. I'm thankful for all the great music he left us.

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