Frank Zappa Talks Gear, Praises Steve Vai in His First Guitar World Interview from 1982



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Steve Vai on Zappas audition:"Now play it in 7/8," so I say "Okay" and play it in 7/8, and he says, "Now play it in 7/8 reggae," and I thought for a minute and I say "Okay" and I play it in 7/8 reggae!



I think you're totally right, dude. Carvin. At least someone is paying attention!



I hate to be critical, but in responses to questions about his pickups and amp setup, the article says he's using "a carbon pickup" in his Les Paul and "a carbon amp" along with his Marshall and small Acoustic amp. I believe he was saying Carvin not carbon. Is this how the actual article was published or was this a transfer to the Web editorial oversight?



gearboxty: Thanks for the catch. I just double-checked the original, and that's how the story appeared in print -- with "carbon" in all references. Let me think about this ...

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