Frank Zappa Talks Music, Money and Steve Vai in His First Guitar World Interview From 1982, Part 2



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Frank Zappa did alot not only for the music industry, but also for the fight against censorship and government interference on artists material(s). He was a guitar master and innovator that completely approached music the way nobody ever has or ever will. As musicians, we were fortunate to hear his great works, but he also released alot of material since the days with the original "Mothers". I got to meet Jimmy Carl Black back in 2000 when he was 62. His band was the "Farrell & Black" band and he was very much an old blues guy that just strutted around the stage and blew everyone away. When I asked him about Frank Zappa, he said, "he was a really talented young guy", and that was it. He didn't elaborate and I didn't press him.

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