Fretboard Mechanics & Beyond: Warming Up Is Important!



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These are fantastic warm up exercises. I really like the string skipping one, I usually don't use to much string skipping in my solo's. I like the sound of them.

I think I'm pretty good on my left hand technique; I'm really fast, precise and have a really legato style, but my right hand technique is lacking.

Do you have any exercises for alternate picking and sweep picking?

Geoff Unger_Himself

Hey iron_maiden,

Thank you! And yes, I have a ton of picking exercises. In an upcoming blog, I'll put some together and dedicate an entire blog for alternate picking and another for sweep picking.

Thanks for reading my blog and keep looking for the new ones with your requests!



Chris Johnstone

Welcome Geoff!

They used to call those cysts bible bumps, as a bible is a nice thick book a lot of people had lying around for the 'treatment' :-)

Geoff Unger_Himself

Hey Chris! Thanks! Yeah, the "treatment" that I mentioned in the blog was just that. A thick binded book. Never had another cyst since!



Great Blog,that is some great stretching and warm up for your fingers.Thanx

Geoff Unger_Himself

Thank you Vinny!



Great blog Geoff!!!! Welcome to the "family".

Geoff Unger_Himself

Thank you Ron!!!

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