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Friday Guitar Win: Job For A Cowboy Bassist's "Jungle Jam" Video

Friday Guitar Win: Job For A Cowboy Bassist's

Job For A Cowboy/Cephalic Carnage bassist Nicholas Schendzielos just debuted a new video online featuring some tasty jams.

Just based on the guy's resume, it might be reasonable to assume that the video feature Schendzielos pummeling you with some brutal metal rhythms. But then again, you know what they say about assuming.

No, what we actually get is Nicholas in a jungle setting playing the hell out of some slap bass. Once you get past the ridiculousness of the setting -- and the headband -- it's actually pretty damn impressive.

"Flew all the way to Costa Rica to film this bad boy," said Schendzielos on his YouTube channel. "Only cost me about $15k, but that's an okay budget for a 3 minute video right? I been playing a bit more on my Warwick Streamer Stage II custom shop and these are just some open hammer jams I was messing around with and thought they'd be fun to make a video with."


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