Full Shred: No Pain, No Strain — Warming Up to Avoid Hand Injuries



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"I'm still guilty of not always warming up. Despite my nightmare experience, sometimes I just grab my guitar and let rip." I'm guilty of this as well, I feel like there's no time to warm-up when inspiration kicks in


The Shred King ...

Marty come home already, the USA misses you!



Hi Marty glad your hand is going to last you forever. When I first stared out playing this was considered playing. Realistically practice with rhythms instead of lead is less tortuous for warm ups or bass lines. Thanks Marty Shred on



For over 25 years, I had no hand issues from guitar playing until I started these bending exercises I learned from my roomate. I injured the tendon on the ring and pinky finger of my fretting hand. I had to constantly stretch and stopped playing for a week or two between shows. It was like this for almost two years.

Young gunslingers out there. Print this column and take it to heart. You can either learn things the easy way or learn it the hard way. Warm-up.

Great column.



Excellent advice...

I started playing again part time after years doing the career thing and ignored the golden rule I obeyed back then - warm up! I'm healthy I thought - never had any problems - no sweat.

So I went at it bull-at-a-gate playing full songs 2 seconds after picking up the axe and as a result got V/bad tendonitis in my left hand. A simple thing like picking up my coat or turning a door handle became excruciating.

The Doc here in Geneva gave me my punishment for being impatient. Months of ultrasound, wear wrist/hand braces 24/7, muscle lotions daily and ZERO guitar for 3 months. 'Don't even THINK about it' he said.

Just don't get what is an avoidable condition in the first place because once you've fried your tendons they're never really the same again. My fretting hand now tells me what it will and won't accept and I have to respect that or else I'll be back on the bench again for another 3 months, maybe more next time.

Hopefully this'll help someone avoid Tendonitis (and a hefty medical bill).

So stretch/warm-up and keep on playin'...


Stephen Quinn

A very helpful blog. Its also not good to push yourself to the point of great pain. Take a break when it starts to hurt, then return when you're refreshed. If you keep this up, you can eventually play for longer without pain.

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