Full Tilt: Destroy Your Heroes



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This was a great read! I have been writing a lot these past couple years, but I have dug down a lot deeper these past few months. I have slowly noticed I have developed my own style based off of my influences and certain feelings and emotions I have. And there really is no one who can write the way I write. It is my own unique style that suits me best. Thanks for the article, it was a great help in giving me a little bit more of a boost. Will keep it in mind if I need another kick start. Thanks a lot! Cheers!



Dude that's awesome--keep those songs coming!



Great article! I've lost track of how many songs I've thrown away over the years due to this issue. Its not that I'm afraid of showing my influences; I'll rattle them off proudly for anyone willing to listen, haha. I throw them out more from the 'afraid of plagiarizing' angle. I've always used method #1 but I guess I need to start going with method #2 and see where it leads me. Thank you!



Isn't it amazing the things we do even out of niceness and consideration for others? If yer influences are in essence, holding you back every time you write, then they aren't doing you much good. Use your influences for everything they're worth; you'll outgrow them soon enough.
Thanks for reading!

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