The GAS Man: Does Your Nitro Finish Matter? Maybe Not



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Exactly right, lighter, thinner finishes do allow an acoustic top to resonate better, though I have to disagree with RonZabrocki about "tonewoods"...
Try this.....Fender Squier have issued Strats made of Basswood, Poplar and Ash...I have owned all three, and transplanted the same set of pickups (Tex-Mex) in all of them. The wood an electric is made of definitely DOES affect tone!! I have been playing, selling, adjusting and modifying guitars for over 30 years and I can tell you for sure that basswood, poplar and ash do sound distinctly different.
Basswood has quite a muted tone and is not dense enough to give you the ongoing natural sustain that ash does, without cranking your gain high. Ash, on the other hand, does sustain very well and is considerably brighter sounding, though not quite as bright as some hard maples.
You can put expensive pickups on a really cheaply made electric, and often you are just casting pearls to swine, with a very occasional pleasant surprise, though not very often.



Respect to RonZabrocki but the wood DOES make a difference in tone. I would agree that the finish does not make much of a difference but the wood can make a dramatic difference. If you are playing with a lot of gain you will not notice much of a difference but when you play with a clean or even slightly overdriven tone you will hear a definite difference between the type of wood used for the body of the guitar.



"A lot of our preferences have to do with tradition." I disagree. Our traditions have a lot to do with brainwashing and intellectual laziness.

Nice article. But acoustics are not immune to being cradled by sweaty, hairy forearms and flannel-covered bellies! :-)



Totally agree! And the "Tone Wood" doesn't matter either! All about electronics on an electric. Acoustic is a different beast! Great blog!


...very nice, I like the way you bring out the reality here. Acoustic verses solid you discribe, thats the debating point as far as tone and finish...I prefer the Plaid attire (Flannel shirt)for the proper Rock stance...makes my guitar sound more original to me*p*
...Thanx for the fun discriptions!

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