The GAS Man: The Joy of Being a Hack Guitarist



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Well put.



Better to suck and have FUN than to be great and miserable.

Rock on!



Hi there, I'm really glad you guys got so much out of my article.

I think being a hack is the truth for a lot of us. There are those to whom guitar comes easily, so easily I sometimes wonder if they love it as much as those of us who keep playing day after day without the financial rewards or the gymnastic licks that come flying easily of the fretboard.

Of course, being a great guitarist AND loving it is the best of both worlds--just look at BB KIng!



Good Article.
This is my reality. I know that I'm not good but I love playing my guitar. I really enjoy playing Joan Jett songs and I play every day.

"And even though you might think it's funny
I couldn't care if there ain't no money
I'm a little mixed up
But I'll be alright
If I can hear a loud guitar all night"

From the song Good Music (Joan Jett)



Well this really made me laugh, probally cause I can relate to it so much.
Yup, I've done that Guitar Center thing many times....some 15 yr old playing something I could never play. It kinda makes me shrink and do I suck!!!!That talent thing missed me too.

A hack huh? Wow, its hard to think of myself as a hack but it's probally true, even though I also have played for many years and spent a bazillion $$$$ on gear.
Can't buy talent, but as the point of the article says, I still have fun playing guitar, daily.
Thanks for this , it really hits home.



Amen, brother! I've been playing for 39 years straight without *ever* putting my axe down, is the one constant in my life that brings joy without pressure, it makes me smile with nothing more than my favorite guitar cranked loud through a cheap yet large 'n loud amp, playing that simple I IV V grind like I was friggin' Pete Townshend (in my head), riding that massive reverb drenched wall of dirt and feedback like a big wave surfer at Mavericks...oh yeah, there ain't ANYTHING in this short human life that compares! You don't need to be a virtuoso musician to enjoy what you play, so enjoy every note!



stroonz58, I started playing when I was 11 and never quit... 60 years old now. Along the way, I've played some amazing gigs, and I've played some miserable ones. But all in all, it's the love of the instrument that's kept me going.

And that's what'll keep you going.


box of dope

thanks, at times i can forget what it is all about.


30-year Novice

Bless you!

A simple lesson that means more to me than any other article I have read on Guitar World.



I couldn't agree with you more. I started taking lessons at 13 and was told by my instructor I had talent and was learning very quickly. I also wanted to be Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton & Santana all wrapped in one! So I would plug in, get on my bed and have loads of fun thinking I was a rock star. It was so much fun, it made me want to learn the songs I was "playing along" with on my stereo.
But sadly, I put the guitar down and didn't play again until about 5 years ago. 35 years had lapsed and I can only imagine what I could have been if I never stopped. So I started again from the beginning and put a lot of pressure on myself to be technically right when I played. At 50 years old it was hard getting my chops back & I would get frustrated a lot. Then a couple of years ago I took some advice from a guitarist I saw in an online lesson who said, "Have fun with it because that's what playing the guitar is all about".
After hearing those words,I feel so much better now and have a real sense of confidence in knowing I CAN do it if I just try and have fun with it. The only sad thing is, I could have been having fun for 40 years now if I never stopped.
Keep on rockin'.



This advice.

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