The GAS Man: Just Because It’s Broken Doesn’t Mean You Should Fix It



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There is a kind of magic in certain geetars that's for sure. I bought a V=type Peavey in 2005 and it had a killer bridge pick-up that would make a pig-nose bark! I played a show with it through a Boss Micro Cube and people were scratching their heads. Afterwards they wanted to check out the gear I was using lol!



Robbie Robertson told a story on NPR in October about meeting Buddy Holly as a kid. He asked how Buddy got his sound. Buddy told him he blew a speaker and didn't fix it.


Wow...nice article for sure...which brings me to my point in case.
with alittle preface, back in Feburary 2010 I received from my wife and son a Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro...I played it nearly every day for a whole year...about the same time in 2011, played the guitar on Sunday, wiped it down put it in it's case and two days later went to play it again...
but immediately there was something wrong, the bridge PU had failed...over the next two months finally got it repaired at an Authorized Gibson Shop...the operator completed the repair to my satisfaction but there was something I notice a few days later that was wrong...the repairman installed the new pickup opposite of the way it was originally installed at the Gibson first I was a bit pissed but then the more I thought about it I decided to let it be because it made my guitar unique, not like all the others, funny thing too was the color of the bobbin...
my guitar was from a run of Les Pauls made by Gibson for The Guitar Center...1960 LP STP...with era specfic color and parts...the pickup Gibson sent ( and the repairman didn't catch it ether ) was more white then the vintage cream color it should have been and the bobbin plastic wasn't the same thickness
So, as much as my guitar is slightly altered by an Authorized Gibson repair shop I don't plays and sounds awesome and I wouldn't change it even if I had too...just makes it more personal to me. I love my Gibson! Rock on...Peace!

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