Gear Tour: Steve Vai



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Ya know, Vai having all that gear doesn't surprise me. I don't mean that in a negative way. I just figured he'd need a mountain of gear to reproduce his recordings live!
Bitchin' setup, regardless!

Don't feel bad doub13. I used to have a giant Passion & Warfare era Steve Vai poster proudly hanging in my college dorm room.

Alas I left it behind when I moved out.
Still kickin' myself over that...

My BIG QUESTION: Whatever happened to his ol' red flame guitar that was prominently featured in a few of the early David Lee Roth solo vids like "Goin' Crazy"?? THAT was a freakin' awesome looking guitar.
Of course, I always figured if it was ever commercially made you'd have to play like Vai in order to not look like a douche while playing it!



Same ol' story, it was stolen along with a really wild green double cutaway that had "swiss cheese" holes in it. I figure they must be on some Peruvian mountaintop or in Al Capone's vault, cuz they were two of the most "unique" lookin' axes ever!



Ok, he's the man. I will always admire his music, attitude, skill and personna. If you are a younger player and have a desire to learn more, you owe it to yourself to listen to Ultra Zone, Passion and Warefare and Flex-able. I have been influenced by Mr. Vai for all 24 of my years of playing and will always learn something everytime I listen to him.

I can only imagine how cool it would be to be part of his camp, either as a tech or a player or even the stage sweeper upper guy. Ok, I'll stop.

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