Gibson Agrees to Pay $350,000 in Penalties, Loses Seized Imported Ebony



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I think they are overpriced and with poor quality control. Nothing to do with wood or government, just won't pay the money for it.



Is Gibson really bad for using that wood, do you all really think they are the only company doing this, no they are the one who got cought im sure theyre not the only guitar company doing this and as for the prices yes they are higher than in the 90's but so is everything else do you people really expect national prices on everything to go up with inflation and not gibson guitars get off your high horse and bitch about something worth bitching about



Never bought one never will. PRS has better quality and is a company that stands by their product.



Now they will probably file for bankruptcy. This is a as State of the Art as it gets. Tell me who else need Ivory on there furniture, jewerly, or anything if that matters. No one not a thing here in the states nada zlich nothing. period. Now that load will go on the black market because nothing these days is percious nothing not even 1/4 X 1" piece of ivroy. The people who need this stuff is just probably hurtin for a certin.



Ivory? This is about wood, not animal tusks!



Not surprisingly, the late Ed Roman has a few thoughts on this subject. He used to work for Gibson, by the way:

Then there's this: Gibson Listed as THE Worst Place to Work



you better wake up , who needs big goverment ,it's ok to sell arms to drug dealers but not to make great guitars , you can buy cheaper but you get what you pay for some people think that the world owes them something( in this case Gibson ) that they are suppost to be given everything no body owes you anything get off your can or out of your bag and stop looking for a hand out there are many great used Gibsons for sale at good prices thank you Gibson for making the best guitars on the planet



Since when is it ok to sell arms to drug dealers? Pretty sure that's illegal too LOL



CNN (for what that's worth) is reporting Gibson paying $600,000 +/- in fines.

Instantly, these guitars are going to go up in price like the Ibanez Les Paul copies did back in the 80's.


Terrence Cain

I was on Musician's Friend this morning and noticed Gibson's Melody Maker series, their cheapest guitars, were gone. So Gibson took a chance of being caught using illegal exotic wood for cheap guitars? That sounds like a really dumb idea to me. Hopefully this will teach Gibson to not be so frivolous with their business actions. Of course this could mean the price of Gibson instruments going up too, which is ridiculous to me.



This will be another reason for Gibson to raise prices. The new American way, raise prices and decrease quality.



I love my 1998 Gibson Les Paul standard I bought from GC in 98' for $1,300. Now they are going for what $2,500 or something outrageous like that. Gibson is a corporate beast, way too greedy and overpriced.



I will never buy another Gibson. I wish more companies who are doing things right would advertize about their sustainable practices.

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