Gibson Guitars Announces Government Series II Les Paul



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Kay Merkel Boruff

Yet another US Government FUBAR. DC, stay out of business.


Appalachian Boy

I'll have to agree with Johnny d, this was a total abuse of power by Holder and this administration; it was purely for political reasons.
BTW, I believe what krushnakrunch was eluding to was Gibson isn't under union control; at least it sounds that way but I could be wrong.

Anyway... I give Gibson two thumbs up for originality and another terrific guitar!



Where's the pickguard? Maybe they don't have them stamped with the eagle yet.



I think it was tyrannical in some ways. Was a "raid" really necessary? They could have sent in a govt. dweeb with coke bottle glasses. It's friggin Gibson, not a cartel. And wasn't the wood returned in the end anyway? I know politics is not the purpose of this site but the IRS IS targeting political opposition, look into it. If you're not concerned about it, then I hope you always agree with the Govt...about everything. As far as the guitar, I agree it's a bit weak on appearance. Could have done some GI camo or flag, etc. but the lack of binding is the main down point from my view. Either way I'd love to have one.



I have to agree with Egstrat. Huh? Values & priorities? (And don't forget that the wood was seized for the same reasons poached animals are: to protect a dwindling, endangered resource!) Ummm... & maybe my ears are better than my eyes, but where's the black, gold-stamped pickguard? I'm a BIG Gibson fan, so I'm not "coming from there," but as much as I hate to say it, "institutional" yellows, greens & tans have never exactly been my favorite colors. Why do something to REFLECT typical "government drab," specifically designed to REMOVE any personality & be easy to clean with a mop & a bucket? I'm afraid this is about as bad-looking a guitar as one could produce, whatever wood's on the fingerboard. First thing I'd do is refinish it with almost anything but what it is now. But then, that would cost more; I'd rather just buy a guitar I'd prefer in ALL ways. Sorry Gibson... mildly interesting idea, but horribly wrong paint job. Why not go back to mid-to-late '60s "rebellion" & paint it Day-Glo or trippy multi-colored swirls? THAT might actually be interesting, & unique.


Johhny d

It is disgusting what obama through the doj and holder did to gibson. They attacked gibson for political retribution. No other maker using the same woods was targeted. This is tyranny. Can you say stalin and ussr? Beware America.



No other company had a disgruntled worker (of which there are hundreds at gibson) turn them in to the authorities. Treat your employees like shit and you'll eventually be forced to eat it.



Way to go dude you win the internets!

Lets compare the seizure of some illegal wood to an
evil dictator who killed millions.


Johhny d

The abuse of power is a slippery slope. If use of the weight of the government is selectively used against one's political advisories, then yes, its like stalin. Quit thinking your smarter than the rest of the world. Your reading guitar world.



"Quit thinking your smarter than the rest of the world. Your reading guitar world."

Well, I sure as hell know I'm smarter than you are, since I know that "your" is possessive, and "you're" is a contraction of "you are". Evidently you don't know that, do you?

But no, you invoke the "Obama = Stalin" crap that you saw somebody else use in some other post. Yeah, "your" a real smart cookie, aren't you?

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