Gibson Introduces Memory Cable with Built-in Recorder



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"Although the Memory Cable doesn’t play back by itself"

Yeah, that's the rub. Card readers in 2014? Bad design, Gibson.



If you haven't tried it out yet, I wouldn't be so quick to judge. I thought the same thing about Yamaha's THR10 series of desktop amps. They're Solid State... yeah, my exact thoughts too. But they've advanced SS to a whole new level... it sounds just like the tube amps they're emulating. So, give this thing a chance 1st before dogging it. Tech is getting better. You never know until you see tons of reviews or try it yourself... and neither have happened.


box of dope

he was pretty much getting at the fact that you would then need to upload to a comp,just to here a playback. which you have to admit is a bit lacking in this day in age.

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