Gibson To Release Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Custom



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I am sure there are going to be many guitar collectors and enthusiasts around the world who will be clamoring to get this. I think what they are doing is great and hope it is successful.

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What I think is crazy is how much this thing will cost. I love Gibson's. I've had several. But I think it is ridiculous the amount of money they charge and I wonder where all the extra profit for these things go to? Gibson chose to honor Randy? Maybe, but doubtful. If Gibson is doing something great with the money, then awesome. If Gibson gives great benefits to their employees and offers them 401k then awesomer. If Gibson does something for the homeless or some other charity, then fanfreakintabulous!



I have a 2004 white Custom. Hopefully it will age to the rich color that Rhoads' did. It's taken mighty good care of me.


yea, but it's not like the guitar Randy Rhoads used, which is what this is obviously all about, so that's just pretty asinine of you to say. On the other hand in my opinion I think it's great they are honoring him with the Gibson which is just as awe inspiring as the Jackson's he used.



Nice, but I have a '79 wine red LP Custom that has been aged very nicely, still looks great, has gold hardware, that I'll let go for only $3100.

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