Glenn Hughes: Black Country Communion to Start Recording Third Album This Weekend



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If this third release is anywhere near as good as the second, we're all in for a great record! I can't stop playing BCC 2; it's just so damn good! Just when you thought nobody makes rock records like they used to, along come these four madmen to basically prove once and for all that 70s style rock is the music that stands the test of time above all else. It's ageless and BCC is making that same kind of perfect rock that so many of us aging boomers grew up on. Getting old sucks, but timeless music keeps one young at heart. So thankful for bands like this and there aren't many anymore. I'm anticipating the new record like I did new Zeppelin or Aerosmith back in the day (before The Toxic Twins lost their toxicity, and not in a good way.) Can't wait to see BCC live again - It's like a magic show!

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