Godsmack Premiere Music Video for Cover of The Beatles' "Come Together"



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I agree its good hearing different bands play Beatle songs. They sound good most of the time and its just fun. I second that to jeffos, never once have you had anything good to say about anyone or anything. We don't get on hear just to hear you bitch and moan. Just a heads up



I like the version. I think they took a classic and opened it up to a new audinece. Nothing wrong with that. Younger fans will seek the original and may become new Beatle's fans. Great songs sound great no matter how they are done.

T3h Shr3dd3r

I liked it. Way better than the stuff Beatallica has been doing. I wouldn't mind a few other Beatle songs getting some modern treatment, as long as it was by band that have actual talent, like Godsmack.
How about Baby You're a Rick Man performed by My Chemical Romance? Sun King by Adele? Think For Yourself covered by Foo Fighters? This would be good. Plenty of money has been spent on the originals, most of it after John Lennon died. Why not let some newer groups take a shot at it? At the very least it will get kids to track down the originals for comparison.
Same thing I thought when Five Finger Death Punch covered Bad Company. As long as credit is given to the original, as it was here, then knock yourselves out.
People forget that songwriting and songplaying are two different things. Most Pop today isn't written by the people that perform it. Why put up with more crap cluttering the airwaves? Things change, people want to hear artists that are in their youth. What a great way to keep the classics around, and give the younger generation what it wants.
To Jeffos: If you can't say something nice, or at least constructive, then don't say anything. And certainly don't double post it.


Because one set of douche bags from Boston shitting all over this classic wasn't enough??!!


Because one set of douche bags from Boston shitting all over this classic wasn't enough??!!

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